About Grateful Diversions

What is Grateful Diversions, you say?  Well to put it simply, it's a community focused on reclaiming our hobbies and sharing them with like minded folk.  Cavemen used to come home after clubbing mammoths to death and gather around the fire to firegaze.  It was a primitive form of just unwinding the stress of the day and I'm sure clubbing mammoths can get stressful.  Fast forward to our caveman era and we can barely fit in time to eat a decent meal let alone stare at a fire.

Grateful Diversions is both a clever nod to the Dead and a playful statement that we should be grateful for the diversions in our life.  We should embrace the hobbies that we are blessed with a talent for.  Part of that embrace includes a duty to share those hobbies with others so they may learn and begin to enjoy in these hobbies too.

This site begins as a way for me to stay in the game so to speak with content management systems, to share and enjoy my hobbies, and to provide information to a new community.  It starts with one person and one idea.  Who knows where it will grow to.  I look forward to sharing in many grateful diversions with the community.

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